Hi I'm Mark

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Hi I'm Mark

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Hi, guys, my name is Mark and I am a foosball enthusiast for more than 10 years and I had the chance to play on several different soccer tables in my time. I have a blog where I write about table soccer . The reason why I came to this forum is that I need your help. I want to hear other opinions; which are the 5 most important parts in a soccer table?
In my opinion, the overall structure of the soccer table is the most important. I had played on a one really quality table (brand is not important at the moment), but it was old. Interestingly enough, everything was almost perfect except the fact that the table was loose. The rods were great, players also, the surface was smooth but every time I hit the ball, the table moved an inch. Not more, just an inch and it was very frustrating after few hits. Anyway, we did fix the table after that, but I was really surprised how that little movement annoyed me.
So, the structure is my number 1. On the number 2 is the rods. 3 are the leg levelers and 4 are the players. The 5th place is hard because I can't decide whether to put the surface there or the formation. I guess those two are connected so I will put them both in the 5th place.
If you want to see my detailed post about picking the right soccer table you can find it on this link here http://www.foosballzone.com/foosball-table

What do you think? Is there any bad part of a soccer table which annoys you more than other parts? What are in your opinion 5 most important parts in a soccer table?

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